Moin !

I am glad to know that so far you people are going good with your admission process and Thank You for the valuable feedback. One of the most doubtful question among most of you is regarding the attestation of the documents for the university enrollment. I am not so updated with the latest format that is accepted by the university but so far I don’t think so there has been any change regarding this, I would like to share the copy of documents which I submitted during the enrollment and were accepted.This post is highly targeted towards the Indian Students as the documents used are attested by Indian Notary.

For my case, I have submitted the copy of my documents attested by Notary and it worked pretty much. During my preparation time for Hamburg, I was informed from my tutors here that I don’t have to bother so much about the attestation as the documents attested by Notary are accepted easily. I believe it holds true so far.

Now, some tips to use download the document:

Click here to download the file. This file is compatible with Acrobat 7.0 and later. The software can be downloaded online using using this link (Click here). Due to some strict rules in EU regarding the copyright of the documents, this is document is password protected. Do not use the document for any commercial purpose, it is meant for only informative purpose. The password required for the document can be found here (Click here). The password might be updated and changed some time, you can come here and download it again in case the certificate expires and the password doesn’t work.

Anyways, I hope it should work.

Best of Luck !!

Enjoy the weather and Hope to see you soon !!


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