FAQ related to – New to “TUHH” Part II

Moin !

After the FAQ Part I for New to TUHH, this is second blog post continuing the answer the questions which are asked by most of the freshers during this period of time. This post is oriented to students who have decided to join Hamburg University of Technology (Technische Universität Hamburg, TUHH)

I would like you to Thank You for all the valuable feedback. Unfortunately, I could not reply to all the mails received except those which had questions from urgent case. Also, I tried to answer most of the questions in this part and left some questions unanswered for your curiosity to build a bit 😉

Starting with the general and most common questions,

Congratulations now for making your space in one of the Students dormitories and this now makes you more curious about

How is it and what facilities do we get ?

The three most common dormitories among the International students are Triftstraße, Schüttstraße and Bunatwiete. All the student dormitories are good for some reason and also have some limitations. At the end of the day, it more depends on the person what they prefer. I would prefer to give you a quick look of the three dormitories and leave it on you to decide what would you prefer. Here is a very good work by YouTube channel Bharat in Germany! maintained by Bharat, also a student of Technical University of Hamburg. In the video three students (Harish, Varun and Abhishek) tried to give a glimpse look of their rooms and tell more about things that are included in the contract, things that you should consider to bring with you, laundry facility, travelling to university, and other additional benefits.

Here is the link of the video (Click here !!)

[assessed 19.July.2017, online]

Some questions regarding the purchase of stuff from Germany compared to their home countries.Image result for amazon de

 I am not so familiar with the cost of stuff in various countries and it more depends on choice. Try to scroll through Amazon.de, Inc.

The weather of Hamburg is bit tricky and sometimes not easy to predict even about the coming hours. It is famous for small summer with rare sunny days and as well as unpredictable rain ( Be ready to keep your boots wet !! ). Thus, telling about the weather when freshers arrive to Hamburg is will be difficult but it should be varying with 14°C as average.

So many questions regarding part-time jobs and research assistant. Regarding part-time jobs refer to my previous blog (Click here!!) and for working as Student assistant or HiWi jobs ,,Wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft” – it is not so easy but also it is not just walking cup cake coming to you. To find a HiWi job one should be updated with the Institute website and also keep an track on the on-going projects to find a interesting job. So, how it works ?? First step to have a look on the projects carried out by various institutes and than ask particularly to the concerned person if there is any place for HiWi post, also this jobs can be found on the institute website as well most of the times.

One of the most important things to take care is Health Insurance. There are different types of health insurance in Germany preferably statutory health insurance and private health insurance. Generally, it is approx €90 per month for students under 30 years of age. Others cannot sign the statutory health insurance and have to opt for private. For students form EU member countries can present a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and do not need to arrange for German health insurance seperately.

Some statutory health insurance are mentioned below



Coracle (Good student offers available)



Keep yourself updated ( Easy !! Check mark for newsletter by entering your email address ) with this blog to get more updates on City registration, Resident Permit and how to get your documents attested for enrollment. Keep on mailing your questions and I will try to answer it in the upcoming blog.

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