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I will try to answer some of the most important and most frequently asked questions of the students who have decided to join Hamburg University of Technology (Technische Universität Hamburg, TUHH). My upcoming blog – New to “TUHH” will further give you some important information which will prepare you for TUHH.

The answers to these FAQ might make your journey to Hamburg more smooth. More of less, if you are travelling to Germany the situation might be same for some other cities as well.

When to apply for VISA ?

Getting a VISA is nothing to panic a lot unless your documents are complete, but you realize this only after getting your VISA (Human psychology to freak-out). The deadline for the enrollment of Winter semester is usually kept 01.October, to be on the safer side you should have your VISA approved by 01.September so there is no rush for booking tickets and VISA stamping. In most of the cases, depending on the situation it takes 45 days for the VISA approval. Not to forget, for booking a VISA appointment further add one more month in advance.

  • In any case if your plan is not going according to this time plan, you don’t need to worry, it is still very much possible to get a VISA on time. These are just suggestions to avoid rush.

When to arrive Hamburg ?


After getting your VISA approved, it is the time to get your VISA stamped and pack your bags to start a journey full of fun (and study as well 😉 ). Before getting your VISA stamped, in most of the cases you’ve to book flight tickets. Now it’s time to decide when to leave your place. One among-st some complicated tasks here is to ‘Find an accommodation’, if you’re lucky enough to get room in Studierendenwerk Hamburg, more or less you can come a week before the deadline of enrollment  (exclude Sat and Sun). In case, you found a private accommodation, two weeks before the deadline of enrollment should be fine, again it depends on some other factors like on your flatmates and on the owner of the flat. Feel free to ask them the processing time.

How much German should I learn before reaching? 

This answer to this question is always a question by itself. Living in Germany, it is pretty obvious if you know good German it is definitely going to help you but in case you didn’t get time to build some German skills, you don’t have to worry. You will still gave many opportunities to grab knowledge about it and brush your skills here after learning. It is in my opinion not so difficult to survive here without German, but it is only for those who couldn’t manage to learn German back home before coming. University thus also offers course to learn German. I would like to end this answer with:

The more you know, the better it is.

Reaching Hamburg now gives rise to the next important question,

What is the monthly expenditure? 

Living in Hamburg can be said as costly if you compare it to your situation back or it might even be cheap in many cases, it depends on person to person from country to country. For students, the monthly blocked account amount is 720€/month (get yourself updated with latest number), the most frequently asked question here is, “Can I finish all the money every month?”, “Will I need more money?”, so I would like to answer “Yes, why not“, other most frequently asked questions regarding this are “Can I save some money?”, “Will I finish my money every month?”, the answer is same again “Yes, why not”.


I will just give you a rough idea of the expenses here in Hamburg and let you decide your monthly expenses, starting with accommodation, while searching for accommodation you will realize what type of flat you want and how much it costs to you – let’s take it as 360€/month (there is no upper limit to this, obviously), next important thing here is Health Insurance, depending on your age and the company you can check your monthly expenses – let’s take it as 90€/month, your mobile bills and your monthly expenses for food can be taken as 15€/month and 150€/month respectively. Again these are highly dependent on your daily routine and can go very high or can be managed at pretty less numbers as well. Sum them up for the answer, to question. 😉

Talking about monthly expenditure, let’s talk about part-time jobs,

What is the status of part-time jobs?

Taking about part-time jobs here in Hamburg, not to worry there are many opportunities if you manage to balance your studies with work, not so difficult to manage and anyways it depend on your management skills. There are some jobs which does not require German language as there is not much to speak in these jobs, also the number of employees is not limited so there is chance for everyone. Some jobs offer you to work on weekends as well. Talking about jobs, let me also give you rough idea about euros you will earn from this. As most of these jobs are based on hourly wage system, you get paid for per hour you work. The wage of the job varies depending on the jobs, to get a I can say you to take it as 9€/hr, checking with German Working Laws you can now calculate, how many hours you can work and how much you can earn. You might find more details in guide about, how much a student can earn without paying tax.

Be tuned for next blogs which will focus more precisely on What to do in starting days in Hamburg, Part-time jobs, Finding accommodation etc.

These were answers to some of the many questions that always make some space in your mind to keep you thinking about it.

Feel free to post your questions related to this, to get your doubtful thoughts cleared. If you have any other question, just drop a comment so that it can be included in the coming blog.

You can fill the form with any further question, it will be included in the FAQ related to – New to “TUHH” Part II

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